"How far would you walk to protect the freedom of others?
How many days would you go without food in the name of democracy?
What would you be willing to sacrifice?
For Han Lin, the answers to those questions are simple:

'"As far as I must walk.
As long as it takes.
Everything -- even my own life."'
A documentary about the incredible journey of Burmese Freedom Fighter, Han Lin & the International Campaign for Freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma.

Prepare yourself and take a deep breath, because this humble teacher will inspire your heart...

"The future of my country lies in the hands of the younger generation. Under the present military government the whole educational system is neglected and higher education is virtually non-existent with the frequent closure and repressive control of the universities."


Honoring Home - tribute to U Han Lin

Honoring Home - tribute to U Han Lin from Jeffrey Hellman on Vimeo.

Honoring Home

“[My] dream is to see my people in Burma have a peaceful life, to have happiness, and to be free.  Also to be a democratic country, to have basic human rights and to be a peaceful country.  I have this dream since I was young.”

-U Han Lin

Video tribute in memory of the late, Burmese Freedom Fighter, U Han Lin.

1951 - 2008



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